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If you are a student and looking for a church to attend during the term then you are warmly invited to join us whether you know anything about Christianity, Church or want to grow further in your faith and enjoy fellowship with others.

Our heart and aim is to serve the students of Chester University. We hope to be a home away from home, where people get to meet and make friendships with other people and families in the church. We want our students to feel a valued part of the church and to find themselves supported and loved through what is a very important and formative time of life.

We love seeing students get involved with various ministries in the church. We also aim to provide a helpful forum for people to ask open and honest questions regarding scripture and how and what it is to live as young Christians in a changing modern world. Why not come along and visit us this Sunday and we will do everything possible to help settle you in. 


STUDENT LUNCHES: would you like a home cooked meal on a Sunday with a City Church family? Let us know each week, and we will arrange lifts!

ADOPT A STUDENT: would you like a home away from home, are you interested in a home cooked meal or an evening of board games and fun? If any of this appeals to you then City Church Chester's adopt a student programme might be right for you. The programme connects local host families in our church with university students. If you are interested in joining with a host family please fill out our registration form, which will be available at the Sunday Service, and we will arrange for a host family to contact you.

UNIVERSITY OF CHESTER CHRISTIAN UNION: we also support and encourage Students to connect with the Christian Union at university.